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One of those days! [Dec. 6th, 2008|06:34 pm]
Today has been one where i wish i has a thicker skin! I have been doing a local market saturdays only. And lots of people have been so rude. First off othe market traders have been storing extra stock on my stall and are quite happy to disturb me every 5 mins when they want to look through boxes and boxes of clothing . . . now dont get me wrong i wouldnt mind so much but they have huge market stalls already and they are taking up easily the back half of my space :( perhaps they should be paying half my rent as well.

Then the amount of customers (people walking past) that are like 'how much?' . . . .  '£10/£15 for a tutu?' . . . . 'i could make that'  . . . . . 'its just a bit of net' 'lets see how its made'

Cheers thanks im not deaf!!! do you people have any manners??? sometimes i wonder why i bother I only take tutus to the market as they are pretty normal/mainstream, god help them if i took any other clothing.

I will definately only be doing it until christmas